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Looye is a family company that was set up in 1946 by J.M. Looije, the father of our present-day director Jos Looije. The company started out growing a range of vegetables. The oldest son, Jos Looije, joined the company in the 1970s, which also saw us start to specialise in growing tomatoes. Later the second son, Vincent Looije, also joined the company. In 1992 we began to specialise in growing cherry tomatoes. And in 2000 we added vine cherry tomatoes to our product range.

Besides growing tomatoes, Looye is also involved in the other links in the supply chain, like sorting and packing. In 2003 we started selling our product ourselves. Before then we had sold our tomatoes via auctions to begin with and later through cooperatives. monster1

We see selling our product ourselves as a core part of our business. It enables us to keep in close contact with those around us and it’s the best way to get to know our consumer. And they are ultimately the people we are doing this for!

In 2005 we started to focus even more intensively on growing the tastiest tomatoes. And that’s what we have been specialising in ever since.