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Our company is involved in various collaborative partnerships. Many of these are initiatives with other growers. In the menu you’ll find more information about the initiatives we are involved in.


ABN AMRO is a bank that deals with both private and business customers. Within the business segment, ABN AMRO specialises among other things in services for greenhouse horticulture businesses. With the expertise it has built up in this sector, ABN AMRO is able to tailor its services specifically to its customers’ needs. So it’s no surprise that Looye uses ABN AMRO as its bank of choice. Both at Looye and at ABN AMRO, the customer is firmly at centre stage and delivering quality is the top priority.


Allround Computer Service B.V. is a partner that provides us with various system management services for all aspects of our automation. Westland-based Allround Computer Service B.V. was set up in 1987 and specialises in installation, maintenance and management of hardware and standard software in its customers’ ICT networks. Its core principle is that ‘everything must work’.



Agro Guide
Agro Guide’s mission is to help its customers grow a ‘natural, vital crop’ with its practical approach and by thinking along with the grower. Looye and Agro Guide believe that it is important to be able to grow a healthy, resilient crop in a natural way, creating a result that serves everyone and respects the environment.



We supply our tomatoes to Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands.


We supply our tomatoes to Bama supermarkets in Norway.



The Beekenkamp group consists of three companies: Beekenkamp Plants, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen and Deliflor. Beekenkamp supplies us with propagating material and picking crates. They provide us with top quality tomato seedlings. The crates they supply are also of the highest quality. Just as it is for Looye, quality is a top priority for Beekenkamp.



Energy from the greenhouse – and close by too!
Dutch greenhouse horticulture companies produce great products. Everyone knows that. But did you know that they also produce energy? Kas Energie supplies energy from greenhouses to local residents, and as an energy supplier is committed to making things as easy as possible for the customer. Personal attention and accessibility are the driving forces behind this local initiative. What could be better than knowing that the energy you use was generated in your own region? To find out more,visit www.kasenergie.nl


EY is committed to Building a Building a Better Working World – one with increased confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration. EY wants to create a better working world itself and with other like-minded organisations and people.


FormFlex is the worldwide specialist in the development and production of gutter systems. FormFlex was a pioneer in the development of cultivation racks, cultivation systems and cultivation gutters that are roll-formed on site.


Gautier is the seed company that supplies us with the seeds for the variety we grow. Gautier is a family company based in southern France. The variety we use produces tomatoes with a unique flavour.



Havecon Kassenbouw
Havecon Kassenbouw is an international greenhouse builder that controls and supports every aspect of the process. Havecon has the people and resources it needs to build all its products in-house. Each entire project build is managed by a building company that is part owned by Havecon.



Hoogendonk Transportbedrijf
We use this company to transport our products to various customers inside the Netherlands.


Iber Lengua
Iber Lengua is a language training company that has provided Looye with training in different languages since 1998. In the international, dynamic industry in which we operate, it is essential to be able to speak and write different languages. Iber Lengua provides personal, flexible and high-quality programmes for our employees.


Metazet has more than 30 years’ experience in the greenhouse industry. During this time, Metazet has grown into a global market leader in a range of cultivation and support materials for modern glasshouse horticulture according to Western standards.


NIBC is the enterprising bank for entrepreneurs.
Advising customers and helping them achieve their ambitions is what it does best. For each transaction it puts together a carefully selected, multidisciplinary team.


Poldervaart Transportbedrijf
This transport company handles the daily runs between our growing location in Burgerveen and our packaging company in Naaldwijk.



Priva is a market leader in designing and producing technology that controls conditions in greenhouses and the built environment in innovative ways.


We supply our tomatoes to REWE supermarkets in Germany.


We supply our tomatoes to SPAR supermarkets in Russia.


VEK Adviesgroep BV
VEK Adviesgroep provides professional, practical advice to greenhouse horticultural businesses and organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad.

To find out more about VEK’s services or to see references, visit www.vek.nl or call +31-174-389666.


Verbakel-Bomkas covers virtually all aspects of greenhouse horticulture. Since it was established in 1966, it has specialised in supplying and installing a wide range of climate systems. This specialisation has earned it increasing loyalty and respect among its customers, partly thanks to the high quality of its products and its ongoing commitment to integrating new developments into its heating and cooling systems. VB aims to provide its customers with a sustainable system with which they can achieve a good energy balance in the long term.

‘Use our energy to save yours!’

For a tailor-made climate system, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Viscon has been active in food-producing horticulture for many years and has designed a unique range of standard machines for harvesting, processing, sorting and packaging various vegetables. Backed by over 40 years of experience in product and material handling solutions and extensive knowledge of the industry, Viscon implements projects successfully all over the world. With its in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector and logistics processes in many industries, its ongoing development of new machines and its wide range of products and services, Viscon has become the market leader in this sector.



We supply our tomatoes to Waitrose supermarkets in the UK.