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Our company takes part in various different forms of cooperation. These often consist of cooperation with other growers. In the menu, you can find more information on these participations.


NLjobsNL Jobs is an employment agency that was started in 2002 on the initiative of several entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs were all looking for a reliable solution for the peaks that occurred in the labour turnover during the production process. Most employees working for NL Jobs originate from Poland. Apart from the acquisition of temporary workers, NL Jobs also takes care of transport and accommodation for these temps.

For more information please go to: www.nl-jobs.com

kasenergyKas Energy
Kas Energy (translated Greenhouse Energy) is a cooperation between different growers in the field of energy. Energy is one of the main debit items for horticulture companies growing crops under glass. For that reason, several growers have joined forces and exchange knowledge in the field. There are also several consultants at Kas Energy for providing the entrepreneurs with advice.

For more information please go to: www.kasenergy.nl

niteaLooye also considers its participation in Nitea very important. Nitea was founded in 1999 under the name LKL-IT. LKL-IT was started because the products as used for labour registration in greenhouses at that time were no longer satisfactory. Therefore, a start was made by developing the so-called Padvinder program. This was followed by Packman. This program was developed for labour registration during the tomato sorting and packaging process.

Over the years, these products have been further extended and these are used by increasingly more customers. In 2008, the LKL-IT changed its name into Nitea.

For more information please go to: www.nitea.nl

  Axia Seeds

axiaAxia is an innovative seed breeding company that specialises in vegetable seeds for heated greenhouses, with or without artificial light.
The Axia breeding programme is characterised by its strong focus on taste and healthy ingredients, combined with a very high yield.

For more information visit www.axiaseeds.com