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Norms and values: Get the taste!

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Why does Looye exist?

To allow people and nature to develop in a meaningful way. To deliver taste and enjoy it.

We want the best. With people we value. With valued customers. We are trendsetters in taste. We delight in passing our love of taste to others. It makes us proud.

How do we work?

We aim for the highest quality
We apply the highest quality standards to our work and our products. By doing so we can achieve the best result for everyone associated with our company.

We want people to develop
We constantly encourage our people to undertake development and training. We also want other people and companies to benefit from their involvement with Looye. 

We want to avoid waste
We only use the energy, raw materials and labour that are absolutely necessary. We work safely and run our business in harmony with our surroundings and the environment. 

What are we good at?

We excel in tomatoes
Everything we do, derives from our tomatoes. And taste is key. Through our tomatoes we connect with all the links in the chain and with everything we come into contact with.

We go our own way
And in doing so we try not to restrict ourselves to the confines of the existing traditions or circumstances around us. We do this transparantly. 

What long-term targets are we pursuing?

In 2025, 33 out of every 1000 people in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium will buy a Looye product at least once a month.
Making us the best-known and most-loved tomato grower in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.