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What our people say


pawelPaweł Zieliński - Logistics team member
My name is Paweł Zieliński, and I am 24. I live in southern Poland, near a town called Nysa. Here in the Netherlands I live with my wife Magda in the village of Monster near the sea. I have been working at Looye as a Logistics team member since 2011. I am interested in computers so I also have ICT qualifications. Like many other men, I am passionate about cars. Before I came to the Netherlands I worked in Poland and Germany. Now I am working here and I love it. Eight months ago I married the love of my life, Magdalena (or Magda for short). We are currently busy renovating our house in Poland.

In my job here I work in logistics. I am responsible for ensuring that everything is ready for production in time and that the hall is neat and tidy. I enjoy my work because I have done a similar kind of job in the past.


michielMichiel Bontenbal – Sales
I have been with Looye since 2003, and I am really happy here. I am responsible for our daily tomato sales. I sell many of them to my customers via set schedules. Most of my customers are foreign supermarkets. We often send the tomatoes out via Dutch exporters, but many of the lines are becoming shorter and we are in direct contact with the supermarkets abroad. What I like about my work is that it is very varied. Things really can change from one day to the next. Tomatoes are natural products, so production is very much dependent on the weather. I have to be able to respond to this in my sales. This always gives me a great deal of satisfaction.


teddyTeddy Hirskova – crop protection
I have been working at Looye since February 2008. I am employed as a crop protection specialist – a new role within the company. I originally come from Bulgaria, where I studied crop protection at a vocational university. Things are very different here in the Netherlands; for example, we are a lot further advanced with biological control here. The company is sending me on various courses to bring me up to the right level, which is great. My initial impression of the company was a good one: during my two-month induction period I worked in all the companies and in all roles so that I could get to grips with how the company works. It helps you get to know your colleagues better and it makes your work that much more fun!